Obama Money Matters Tie

Original Photo Credit: Getty Images/Mark Wilson
Equal pay for equal work done by men and women was an influential issue during the 2008 presidential campaign because it set Barack Obama distinctly apart from John McCain.¬† Obama repeatedly attacked McCain for his failure to support the Equal Pay Act (which McCain called¬† a “boon for trail lawyers”).
On [...]

Obama Pentagon Visit Tie

Original Photo Credit: Reuters/Jim Young
During his campaign, Barack Obama was constantly detailing his plans to address the single most important problem facing Americans, an issue that we at Neck of State summarize as iraqeconoeduhealthenercation. On Wednesday, he made a stop at the Pentagon to show his vested interest in addressing the country’s other single most [...]

Obama Economic Stimulus Tie

Original Photo Credit: Reuters/Larry Downing
While on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Barack Obama made a stop with congressional Representatives to push his economic stimulus plan. His choice of a solid, shiny, and red tie is meant to convey the urgency of the brutal economic storm that the United States will face if Congress doesn’t act quicker than [...]