Neck of State is a research blog that studies how what the President of the United States of America wears on his or her neck may affect their decisions while in office. Our current mission is to track, catalog, and correlate the neckties and other neckwear of President Barack Obama.  President Obama was a powerful force for change long before he took office, and it’s imperative that we understand, clearly, how his choice of neckwear affects world events.

Please contact us at head at this domain dot com with questions or to suggest content. We are also on Twitter.

obama tie


The Moment at NYTimes.com cites Neck of State and calls it “very funny“.

– “Neck of State takes Obamarama to the next level.”

Huffington Post
– “Finally, the blog the world has been waiting for.”

Washington Post – “How to while away the hour? Try blog Neck of State, the blog which obsessively catalogs and analyzes the president’s neckwear.”

Style Insider – “It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s the neckties.”

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