Obama Delivers Economic Stimulus, Repeats Neckties

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President Obama greets a supporter in Ottowa, Canada.  February 19, 2009.
White House Photo: Pete Souza

After decades of intensive training, years of strategy development, months of planning, weeks of negotiation, and ten seconds of penning, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act this week in Denver, CO. The passage represents an important symbolic victory for a President who took office amidst an economic and fashion maelstrom.

Two days after signing the bill, the President fled the country to Canada, possibly to carry his message of economic recovery through economic stimulus and neck wear fashion to our allies in the North.

Neck of State: Tie worn by Barack Obama as he greets a supporter in Ottowa, Canada.  February 19, 2009.

For the second Thursday in a row, the president wore his American striped blue tie. It’s appropriate that Obama would wear a tie with American stripes on his first visit to a foreign country while in office. As a candidate in 2008, Obama’s foreign policy credentials were frequently criticized, and now he’s making a daring statement to the world about who he represents (i.e. the American People).

The President also wore the same tie this Monday (February 16, 2009) that he wore last Tuesday (February 10, 2009). This is the first time that the President has worn the same tie twice in a seven day period, which some analysts think may point to the early signs of stress setting in after the challenging start to his first term in office.

Neck of State: Tie worn by Barack Obama after returning from Valentine's weekend in Chicago, IL. February 16, 2009.Neck of State: Tie worn by Barack Obama while signing the economic stmiulus bill. February 17, 2009.Neck of State: Tie worn by Barack Obama while detailing mortgage relief to an audience in Arizona. February 18, 2009.Neck of State: Tie worn by Barack Obama on his way to Ottawa, Canada. February 19, 2009.

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5 Responses to “Obama Delivers Economic Stimulus, Repeats Neckties”

  1. Who is the answer to ecmoony, war on iraq, healthcare, gas prices, school fundings, foreclosures, middle class and etc then? If you’re taking away the pointed finger, we need to know WHO we need to point it at. The candidates for presidency are the ones who are saying they are responsible for the issues we have in this country. Who are the others accountable?

  2. Agree with some of your thesis, hveeowr, given Obama’s high-road campaign, the smallest glimpse of what someone might interpret as negative campaigning (and trust me the Clintonites are very eager to interpret anything in this vein) will spread like wildfire throughout then he could be reduced to a he’s just like everyone else candidate. It is a fine line he must walk to show his electability while not appearing to go negative.Regarding Edwards, he is getting alot of great press lately..Newsweek, etc. Thinking this just represents the media’s attention deficit disorder or theme de jure.Our guy needs to create another postiive new cycle directly after X-mas, since nobody (except us Wonks) will be paying real attention until the 26th On a more positive note, a new ABC / Washington Post poll shows the Barack has pulled even with Hillary on the electabilty question, whereas she had a 14 point lead recently.

  3. YES! CT is FOR Barack Obama! Im a 21 yr old college sendtut and I can honestly say my teachers during class have expressed admiration for Obama’s new ideas stating At first I wasn’t sure but he’s looking to be the real deal and He seems to be the voice the country needs . Also, there is an overwhelming sendtut support for Barack and Michelle’s Change campaign, and one that deserves recognition.Last night at dinner with my mother and father, (All supporters of Barack), I was giving info about voting and my mother cut me off and said Hillary’s going to win anyway . But to see these early poll showing things neck and neck? For every one person that assumes Hillarys going to grab CT there, in my case, is 4 votes that support Barack Obama (including my brother). Needless to say, we will ALL be voting on Super Duper Tuesday to pull off an East-Coast UPSET! =)

  4. A really good answer, full of rationality!

  5. I have to agree with you…he will have my support in hopes that he makes deoinicss to help this country vs. hindering it. If he is who more than half the country wanted then, so be it. I wish him luck as it isn’t going to be easy.Love your blog, by the way. ;o)

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