Obama’s Tie Subdues Justice Roberts

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In President Obama’s first full day at work he wasted no time letting the nation know which necktie was his favorite. The solid cerulean under a pratt knot with a prominent dimple has long been a staple of the Obama collection, but analysts have disagreed whether this choice would follow him to the White House. It took a neo-conservative’s lapse in memory at the inauguration to force the Obama administration to reveal “Big Blue” earlier than the transition team had originally planned.

On Tuesday, when Supreme Court Justice John Roberts botched the presidential oath of office (50 seconds into the video above), it was clear that his attention was momentarily diverted by the inaugural tie and its implied blame. Now CNN has reported that Obama privately retook the oath to allay concerns that confusion may have risen after Justice Roberts’ error.


It is not 100% clear whether the founding fathers intended for one to be President “of” the United States or President “to” the United States, but the language in the Constitution is unambiguous. So, for the do-over, Obama wanted to make sure that nothing would go wrong, and thus he chose the tie that simultaneously said “Hey, don’t worry John, we’re on the same team”, and “I will crush you if you mess this up again.” We expect to see much more of this tie in the coming term.

Neck of State: Barack Obama's Necktie with no jacket, January 21, 2009

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